Friday Fictioneers: Mobile Muffet

I’m extremely late today, I have been in Devon in a tiny tinny caravan, walls of paper thickness and the slightest sound magnified. With the kids and us 2 it was pretty close. I’ve just driven back 7 hours up the motorway, and come to think of it I think i’ve used this excuse before, I must try harder. So thanks to the supreme Rochelle for setting this one up again and thank you to my piano teacher’s name sake Susan Eames, for the tropical photo, I could have gone there and got back home in the same amount of time!

The idea is to write a piece of fiction or otherwise with a beginning, a middle and an end inspired by the photo, which is what I’ve been doing for what seems like ages, in a good way.

Anyway enough of this drivel.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


It had been a long time since Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, in fact the amount of clumps of grass had diminished in the decades following the floods.

The factory cattle used to manufacture Curds and Whey had all since suffered the dark idle fate of a veal cow. 

Distantly related Muffets in the Caribbean now had to take to the trees to avoid the giant aquatic spiders which roamed the shallow waters which covered the once grassy cricket pitches of the tropics. The C&W cravings, satisfied with synthetics ordered via mobile, delivered by anti arachnid armoured Piraguas.

100 words written in a post traffic jam fugue, enjoy my Friday Fictioneers Friends. Bet I’m about number 90 today, which means no one will read my stuff. Balls!




  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Giant aquatic spiders sound beyond dreadful to me. I would want to get as far from them as possible. Good one. Sorry about the traffic jam. Hope you’ve recovered from the ordeal.



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