Pinch Punch; Second of the Month.


I’m late again, said the slightly chaotic blogger (me) as he made efforts to sum up the last week or so in a nutshell. But then he decided not to but to write a small piece of flash fiction based on this Worcester News headline, slightly more controversial than the usual; “Allotment bench stolen”.

Boffins in a Worcester laboratory have made a significant breakthrough in the research into shrink rays. Working in partnership with the HS2 lobby whose planned High Speed rail line through swathes of British countryside has caused outrage within the chocolate box villages affected. 

Promises of smaller trains on smaller tracks were seen as pie in the sky, as the whole point of the railway line was to take business and industrial development up to the North of England and beyond. However with the invention of the shrink ray, smaller trains to bring the same amount of smaller people up to the North of England is looking like it may become reality.

In a recent trial, on a short 10 mile stretch of track in a secret location, following a section of the old Gloucestershire to Herefordshire Canal, the exercise was said to be a success regards speed and delivery.

Mrs Toppit, said of her husband, who took part in the trial, “Its lovely to be able to ignore my husband for a while as he can’t reach the doors in our house and he is so quiet now, its a blessed relief” Mr Toppit was unavailable for comment as he was caught by a red kite and is believed to be stranded in a nest.

The shrinking ray does not have a reverse setting at the moment but boffins are said to be working against the clock to find a solution.


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