Friday Fictioneers: Gone to Pot.

Good afternoon, from a surprisingly sunny, yet chilly, kingdom of Shrawley, ruling seat of Worcestershire and about as far away from the sea as you can get. What a fab day it is to join in with this fine rabble of wordsmiths that is the Friday Fictioneers, once again hosted by the amazing Rochelle. Thanks also to Caeyr for providing the photo which actually makes me want to go there right now, well after I’ve cooked the kids supper.

So I’d best get my thinking cap on, which I have, so…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Weed had escaped with the help of Bill and Ben from the Flower Zoo or “Garden” as folk in denial called them, and disappeared; no one heard from them for years.

Until Weed was spotted in a tobacco kiosk buying Rizzla papers on El Hierro. Her leaves were tatty and torn, dried and curled at the ends. As she fidgeted and scratched her head, seeds fell to the cobbles.

Bill and Ben had not been seen for months as she shuffled up her steps to her front door, head bowed, she sadly contemplated the flowerpots in her own little Zoo.

Boom!!! 100 words on the nose, and I like this one, my daughter was talking about Shakespeare, its obviously rubbed off, or not!!



  1. I’m reading this and I keep thinking of Bob and Bill, founders of AA – which has nothing to do with weed.
    Oy. Blame my frazzled brain from lack of sleep resulting from this moving shizzle…

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  2. It’s always nice to find out what happened to childhood heroes after the fame and fortune deserted them. Though it always seems to be quite a sad tale… 🙂


  3. I was so relieved to read your response to Rochelle. I couldn’t make the Shakespeare connection, and I DO have a pretty good handle on the Bard 🙂 Fun story, though, as always.

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  4. “Flower Zoo or “Garden” as folk in denial called them” – what a gorgeous concept! I shall never feel the same way again about the runner beans and roses, the pears and the pansies, the strawberries and the sweetcorn…

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  5. I must admit this went over my head somewhat. The Flower Zoo gave me a chuckle. Never thought of it that way. And what happens when they are forced to grow next to bulbs or perennials they do not like? An intriguing tale, as always.

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