Castration Day.

Benny and I took our last walk together today as fertile man and fertile dog, which isn’t strictly speaking true, apparently he can still provide the right stuff to produce little Bennys for about 6 weeks after C-Day but lets face it, he has no idea what the hell he’s doing; he’ll mount anyone or anything. But today I took him in the car to the vets, which he used to enjoy, the vets not the car, but I suspect no more. There was an air of suspicion about him as he waited to be taken out back to meet his fate.

8 hours later I picked him up, he’s got a little onesie to wear which stops him from licking his bits and as a back up the cone of shame. God he’s pissed off, he’s drowsy and he’s off walking for about 10 days, even 2 weeks. Wees and Poos and AOB must be taken outside in the garden (Flower Zoos) on a lead with his costume rolled up, he’s none to pleased about that either. And thus far he’s refused to do anything on the lead, instead preferring to grumble whilst lying down on the sofa bed in my office. Poor guy, look how sad he looks. Problem is when I roll his costume up, like having a piss in a boiler suit it’s an ordeal, he just tries to lick his wounds, so we tried the Cone of Shame, and he found himself surrounded by shadow folk and the light sprites, not a good place to be, and within seconds he was bucking like Buckaroo and banging into the fence like Mr Bump. So I guess it’s watch this space and Misty and Hattie better be ready for a right royal rumble when he gets out of this predicament. All he wants to do is run and I hope he hasn’t lost trust for me, I suspect my son’s bond with Benny will strengthen when he’s back from the school sleep over tomorrow.




    • It was a stipulation of the adoption from Cyprus. I know, I put it off for months but I can’t break the law! He’ll be ok, he’s just a little hacked off right now and understandably so, and so to feel solidarity I’m taking my son in next week!

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      • Interesting.
        Why did you adopt from Cyprus? Wait, is that the country, or someone’s name?
        I have a feeling your son will take you in next month so you can bond.


      • I joined a FB spaniel rescue site, with 40000 members so i’m thinking i’ll never get a dog from here. One day a lovely photo of a 8 week old puppy appeared, he looked like a spaniel then, I messaged the leader of the group and my numbers came up and his, he was 1 day from the chop. he’s a lovely dog and within 4 weeks he was on a plane to Paris, then on a van from Cheltenham to a service station on the M50 at 2am on a wednesday morning where we picked him up for Β£300, including all his vaccinations and a passport, but I had to have him done. Rules is rules I guess and to be fair I think Mrs T would kill me if we got another dog!!

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      • That’s A LOT to go through. Both for him and you. But kudos to you for saving his life.
        Are you a spaniel fan in general?
        Why not rescue dogs closer to home?
        And what law is that? UK’s on import dogs? Cyprus’ on export dogs? Who would enforce it?


      • No the “law” i think is if you take on a rescue dog, you have him castrated, its enforced by the Bollock Police!
        I used to have a lovely Chocolate Labradaniel called Hovis who died about 3 years ago aged 15 and a half, he used to come to work with me, he was a wonderful dog. This time we fancied a working cocker, theres loads around these parts. But Benny is a strange mix, bit of collie, bit of spaniel and a bit of loads of other things. I was told black dogs are bad luck in Cyprus, so many do not make it. Very sad, so yes Benny is a beautiful little chap and we all love him massively.

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      • I did rescue a dog about 18 months ago called Mr Sprout, but he jumped over a 6 feet tall wall somehow and straight into a car, he was only a pup too, maybe about a year old. Very sad, we were all in bits and so didn’t attempt a rescue until this Benny photo appeared

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      • I know tragic. I was at a party and had been up all night and was about 150 miles away from home when the kids called me at about 10am on a sunday morning. That drive was awful, i’m 47 for gods sake!, and had the police stopped me I’m sure i’d have been banned from driving for a good while.

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