June 10th 2019

Not much time tonight, I’ve got to get up at 4am to take my daughter to school so she can go to Germany, its ok for her who shall have millions of holidays a year!


So with the image of a blood eagle firmly imprinted in my brain, we’re watching Vikings, its hideous and theres still about 3 series left, theres only so much blood and guts one can take. I had an ear worm too which I was going to share with you, it was awful and now I can’t remember it, this is not early onset dementia, its just not important and that’s why I have purposely forgotten it. All that remains is the lingering memory of something I’m desperate to remember that I forgot. The mind is bust.

In Castration news you’ll be pleased to know that Benny is healing nicely and his inflatable collar to stop him liking his balls makes him look like Charles 1st with a ruff. So goodnight friends and enemies alike, sweet dreams, don’t google Blood Eagle or you will have nightmares!



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