Seems like I’ve missed something, seems like there’s a Gap in my understanding of what the hell is going on in British government. You may not know if you are in a different country or another planet but we have a Conservative party leadership contest on at the moment.

Our Prime Minister, Mrs May, resigned because she could not unite her party and the country on how we are meant to be leaving Europe (a massive error in my opinion but thats not the main issue i’m getting at). So now she’s gone as PM but remains until a new one is picked. Theres 10 contenders for the leadership contest, they all confirmed they would be in the running yesterday and so before and over the weekend they all had various column inches in the various papers; some more than others it seems. But the over riding arc of the whole contest is what type of drugs they took in the past, some 20 years ago, some less, all of them expressing regret and all of them lying to save their own skins.

The thing is, that although the PM is the top job in British politics, the majority of the British Public will not get to vote for who it’s going to be, intact the Conservative party politicians will vote for their favourites, the top four I think then go forward to a knockout stage decided by the card carrying Conservative members. In an unscientific poll compiled by me, i’d hazard a guess that most of the card carrying Tory party members are in the 60 and upwards age bracket.

So I wonder to myself are these drug revelations because;

  1. The candidate wants to expel the demons, come clean as a reformed character and lead the country into a successful exit from the European Union.
  2. Save their own skin and hope the blue rinse brigade fall for their lies
  3. Want to appeal to the younger generation and appear cool, when any idiot can see they are clearly paddling against the tide.

It’s a shame we can’t vote for who we want to lead the Conservatives, as the excitement builds and we all try to decide who our favourite drug taker is. Out of 10, I think 6 have admitted to smoking Cannabis, 1 to having tried Cocaine several times and 1 to having smoked Opium in Afghanistan. I’d definitely pop for Opium, I had it a fair few times in India and Thailand years ago and wouldn’t change a thing. Of course I would never admit this unless I was worried that some slimy rival would willingly try to dig up the past to discredit me.

Ooops, looks like I just did.

Which ever way you look at it, it seems the gap between Politicians and the electorate is widening, as they flounder not knowing what to say, unknowingly (really?) patronising us with their avoidance of questions and admissions of guilt to something just before  they were caught out, the whistle blown.

From the way politics is these last few weeks it seems the Tory party has been completely off their heads, what a fine way to run a country, maybe we should think about having a look at the drug laws. Oh hold on, that might cost votes and, well, maybe their jobs.

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