Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine

This is my third, CYW post and what a brilliant crayon to possess; especially in the aftermath of the TV Chernobyl which of course in Atomic in nature but very much bleaker in colour, maybe I should be thinking of the Tom Wolfe Book, something about the tangerine coloured stream lined baby, I can’t remember the title and can’t remember the narrative, I can however remember the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, which we should al l read. Any way today all I can offer for this week’s Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine is this picture of some lilies, which I bought for Mrs T, they’ve lasted well, it must be the cold weather we are having in Blighty right now.


I’m acutely aware that this is now becoming “a thing” for me and so am on the look out for some Banana Mania coloured stuff for next week, damn you “the internet” why must you tempt me? Who knows, looking ahead, what the hell I’m going to post for Beaver.



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