FOTD: Wose

Today after a brief hiatus, due in part or actually due in total, to a wonderful weekend at friends down in Chorleywood, the finest wines available to humanity and curry, salads to due for and a BBQ to end all BBQ’s. Music late into the night and such a beautiful backlog of flowers of the day on my laptop now, I can afford to kick back a little.

Today’s FOTD: Wose the Yellow Wose was provided by the mysterious and clever Dr. S, who occasionally graces this parish with his witticisms and his Embassy Number 1’s (Gord bless him). Dr S. is staying at Court Colman Manor right now until Thursday, so if you fancy some fun and sexy times, punctuated by Indian curry dishes breakfast, lunch and tea, then get your self down there; Dr S will be the one with the sweaty head.


Just so you wise folk think I’m wise in the ways of flora, this is a Cultivar Rose. I’m still none the wiser.

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