June 24th 2019

Been at this for 18 months now, I’m enjoying it immensely and have a few followers, not as many as most and it makes me think why this is so, i’d suggest its because i’m not “marketing the fuck” out of it. Thats what my friend, we’ll call Mr W to preserve his anonymity, told me to do. Unfortunately life is too short, and the days, as it happens are too. I worked at my proper job for 9 and a bit hours today, i’m low level civil servant for fuck’s sake and will definitely not be on my death bed wishing i’d done more hours of this “job” I do as I’m not paid enough. None of us are, are we? However I still have no views from North Korea and no views from Mongolia, they are my goals. Why?

  1. I would like to reach out to North Korea and paint a picture of England that I would like them to believe.
  2. Mongolia is home to the most remote record shop in the world and they make Yurts, which are 2 very good reasons  in my book.

So come on you lot, indulge me and maybe we can become friends.


I’ve got no hangover, the days are heating up and tomorrow is Tuesday, I wonder what the future holds. My friends, Mr and Mrs S, (not to be confused with Dr S.) put on such a great spread every time we go down, Mrs S is the best home cook I have ever met, the love put into the food preparation is palpable, you can taste the joy of cooking, the excitement in experimentation. We’re going back down in October!

Look I’m knackered and have little more to say, only that England play Australia in the Cricket World Cup tomorrow and i’ve kind of volunteered to play football with the kids after school, if it rains, at the astro turf it might not be such a bad result as long as it doesn’t rain at Lords.


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