Friday Fictioneers: Muffin Malaise

Another week, another FF, where does the time go? I can literally chart my progress through the swamp of middle age. Do I like what I see? Ask me in a few months and I’ll avoid the question, and continue my descent into denial.

Thanks to Rochelle for keeping this beast alive and kicking, i’m sure there’d be creative uproar if the cage remained open but the beast was asleep. Thanks also to the fantastically named Ted Strutz. If you’re familiar with the film “Ted” you’d also be able to confirm that he does!.

Enough of the procrastination;

On my Marks…

Get Set…


No one had spotted the Muffin Man for yonks. He had lived on Drury Lane, opened an astronomically expensive discount grocery store, changed his name and was going places, counting his money.

The song followed him whenever he unloaded his cart; the buskers came, the theatres followed and with them the foppish pretence of the acting classes.

He needed air, the same monotonous question was suffocating.

Years later, he was espied vomiting outside a Nirvana gig on Pine Street. If you listen to “Bleach live”, you can hear concerned friends, after “Molly’s Lips” asking  “Have you seen the Muffin Man?”

Bit Niche, this one. I’m assuming the photo is Pine Street Theatre; Nirvana played there, I never saw it so I’ve assumed the whole kit and caboodle. Get me! It’s 100 words on the nose, google it!


  1. Oh, thanks a bunch! Now I’m going to have that tune in my head until or unless something comes along to bump it out! I taught elementary school music, and the kids loved those old nursery rhyme type songs. I would give them the history, the story behind the song, so they’d understand what they were singing. Great fun.

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