July 1st 2019

Pinch punch, half way through the year and I believe a shop in Leominster has put up its Christmas Decorations FFS!


We had a BBQ this weekend, I bought an enormous bag of meat from a wholesaler in Worcester, and as a result of 2 days worth of B-B-Q-ing we’ve entered a low level of meat psychosis, too much meat rots your insides I reckon, but i’m not a boffin, I can only talk for my bottom. Mushroom and sugar snap pea curry for us tonight.

On the walk this morning, the first one since Friday due to logistical issues, folk coming to visit and a lack of energy due to the weight of meat inside me, N mentioned he had been Fox Squeaking, and showed a us a video of some frolicking foxes approaching him as he kissed his knuckles making a kind of squeaky sound, is there no end to this man’s talent? And with a heavy head, and stomach I had to drive to Leicester for the most antiquated property investment company’s AGM at noon. I’ve decided to reclassify myself as a charity worker as I seem to be doing it all for free, I’m the only one doing it for free, which sucks, it would be noice to §think the work I am doing is appreciated by somebody at least. God I hate arguing about money, it’s depressing, but on the plus side I did watch a fantastic game of tennis which saw Venus Williams knocked out of Wimbledon by a 15 year old school girl; straight sets. My 15 year old school girl daughter has been at work experience today and for the rest of the week, she’s having a ball too, which I will take some sort of solace from.

I’m off, stats are booming, and I’ve got to go to Shrewsbury tomorrow, never been there; no need see.

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