Colour Your World: Beaver

I think this is my forth week; its nearly becoming a habit, I get slightly twitchy when bedtime comes on Monday night. This is surely a good thing for me and my mildly creative self, but possibly bad for my sleep patterns as I stay up late into the night (way past 11pm) to post these ridiculous photos.

So thanks to Tourmaline for this ace challenge and her even more amazing blog (the link has it). This week the colour is just Beaver, nothing more and nothing to snigger about either. On my morning walk today I was taking pictures of bark, of muddy puddles but nothing quite trumped this little fella; I won it on a coconut shy, for being a good thrower (like Percy).

The eyes, I think you will agree, have it. And i’m pretty sure he’s had a few pints, with his jauntily placed hat, as I’m sure you probably assumed I had too in order to dress this little chap. I tried to make a body out of wire and a plastic bottle but alas, I am no sculptor.



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