FOWC: Bubble & Cee’s B&W: Lines and Angles

FOWC: Bubble

Cee’s B&W: Lines and Angles


The bubble burst the moment they decided to open a Pound Stretchers and hand car wash in the victorian conversions in the centre of Worcester, then Sports Direct moved in and the Holy Trinity was complete. Asda supermarket and a series of very shiny but shabby cut price gyms, each thinking they could do better, stronger and cheaper.

I think there was to be flats here; conversions, but who wants to live across the road from a fucking golf shop? It was a long time in the planning, a lot of money was spent, and the traffic jams increased when the bus routes died. People flocked to gawk at the empty shopping precinct, hoping for B&M Bargains to open a shop in town, it was a long way up the Bath Road to get cheap Vape liquids, this way they could leave their kids in the Exchange Pub to guard the Pissy Fosters while they got a multi pack of Raspberry Ripple liquids, only to find someone has half-inched one from the pack, the thieving bastards; its open now and the lager is getting warm,

“Fucking check it next time you nonce”

Only a banner reminding us to, “Hope” reminds us that there might be something to hope for. Maybe there’s a scratch card in the trolley.

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