Friday Fictioneers; Borrowed Time

Thank you to Rochelle for once again hosting this multi talented bunch of soothsayers to do our best to read the future and come up with silly, inspiring and heart wrenching  stories, as well as a lot of nonsense to boot. And for the wonderfully talented IPA drinking gal Dale Rogerson for her photo for this weeks prompt. Tricky one this, but I had an idea and then ignored it, so best get cracking eh? So…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Giants took over and ruled the land for hundreds of years; their civilisation flourished, until the Borrowers Underground Resistance Party (BURP) decided they wanted their land back.

BURP anonymously installed technology beyond the Giants’ wildest dreams. Before they knew it they were fully computerised and totally sustained by the tech, so much so that BURP governed the giants from deep under the many floorboards of many houses.  

Once intimately dependant, BURP pulled the plug, leaving the machinery and no Scientific Know How ; one by one the technophobic giants left for their luddite pasts unable even to wire a plug.

There we are folks, 100 words on the nose, a twist on the Borrowers stories of old, hope you like it!


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Gotta love the name BURP. Good on them and their technology. BTW. Your title attracted me. It seems our very different stories this week have the exact same title. 😉 GMTA.



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