Friday Fictioneers: Deja Pretzel.

Another week another FF from the wonderful Rochelle over the pond from I and thanks also to Roger Bultot for his expressive photo of what I think maybe New York. But i’m not sure because i’m from Worcester in the countryside and so by definition an imbecile.

So let me think, um um, ok I’m ready.

On my Marks…

Get set…


It was a disaster for Dave; night fell over New York and the international annual Grand Hide and Seek competition had begun. 

This years counter was the bust of Ulysses 31, from children’s telly with the big hair; he didn’t stand much of a chance he was torso-less and made of clay.

Dave the traffic warden, the runner up from last year was dumbfounded, finding himself transfixed and unable to run away and hide as he spotted the Ghost of Dame Edna Average reincarnated in pretzel form on the counter of Alim’s After-dark Snack Shack. 

Looked like it wasn’t Dave’s year.

100 words, written in a rush, but it’s a first draft and there will be no second, enjoy folks!



  1. Dear Shrawley,

    I had to Google Ulysses 31 and Dame Edna Average. Very glad I did on the latter. What a hoot. I can’t imagine her reincarnated as a pretzel. Guess it was the spectacles that gave ‘her’ away.
    Yes, the photo is in NYC since Roger is a NY boy.
    Good one.



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  2. I loved this, Shrawls! All of it.
    You do rock these challenges, you do.
    Though I had no clue what Ulysses 31 was, I definitely did know Edna Everidge (uhhh..Average.. 😉 )

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