FOWC: Battery

FOWC: Battery


Being press-ganged into DIY is not quite as permanent as what drinking the King’s Shilling would give you, but no less traumatic. Its my youngest’s birthday in a few weeks and we are refurnishing his bedroom, new everything; he’s getting a double bed FFS. So with the hall being cluttered with piles of Lego and Tom Gates books, the study upstairs having had the futon jettisoned to the tip, makes it the ideal place to put all his shit temporarily while we paint (groan) and build flat pack (more groans). So the carpet corner was pulled up last week when I arrived back from West Herefordshire and this I took to mean that the study is to be altered too. It doesn’t rain, it fucking pours. The carpet was cut up, the skirting boards pulled off the walls, everything put in a jumble in the middle and an allergy sufferer’s nightmare prevailed; dust hanging in suspension in the air thick with under carpet dust, the worst type.

Tonight was the big clean up, a black bin bag full of stuff I probably will never need agin but van’t help thinking that I will one day, you never know, it is never time to declutter, a cluttered house is a cluttered mind and thats how I like it, I’m scared of being any other way, theres all sorts up there, ready to bloom given half the chance, slowly diminishing like the radioactivity of some elements, half lives I think its called, which is how the things in may brain are. As some memories fade and useless information diminishes, new shit arrives and manifests itself within.

Anyway, back to it, I found my two iPods, I knew they were in here on a shelf, but on which shelf? Found! Behind the DAB radio combo thing, with an iPod dock, they were covered in dust, book dust, and the batteries flat as graphene pancakes. But given 10 minutes on the dock, seemingly unresponsive, suddenly the Cocteau Twins sung to me!

Hooray for iPods, the best ever portable music players, why the hell they stopped making them is solely to irritate me. But like Lazarus mine have risen from the dead, well one of them anyway, tomorrow i’ll try the other one out.

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