Friday Fictioneers: Fat Steam

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome one and all to the sometimes weird and always Wonderful World of the FF, where our glorious leader Rochelle invites us to write a piece of prose, poetry or pants about or inspired by a photograph. Today the photo is this one, the top of a train and associated features by the one and only Sandra Crook.

Tricky one this, the temptation to bring out Thomas the Tank Engine may well be too strong, we’ll see. So here goes…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Fat Controller missed the embarkation and speech to the public from the new Leader, on account of his haemorrhoids; he’d leant on the radiator for too long, trying to impress the new lady guard, by being slightly over casual.

“Now we can press on with HS2, “Heritage Steam 2″ the sleepy train connecting North, South, East and West and all stops in-between.”

Business leaders, entrepreneurs and commuters all over the country stared open mouthed in disbelief, as their hopes and dreams for super efficient business seemed to disappear in a Chuff of Steam. 

The Leader coughed and lit his pipe.

There we are, 100 words on the nose, a take on the state of things, the whole world is going mad whilst we can do nothing but sit and watch, it’s too hot to stand in Shrawley. Hope you enjoy and hope I get in the top 30.





  1. Ha, to be honest, this is one part of dragging the entire country back into the last century that I would have the least problem with. As for everything else we seem to be facing…well… Thanks for lightening the mood.

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