July 24th 2019

fullsizeoutput_1bf0Dear listeners, had a shit day for all you care. The sun was intense on my head, albeit capped, but still sweltering. 3 hours, we sat out side the cafe on the slopes of the Malverns, as we listened to my work colleague bang on about how life isn’t fair and the world owes him a favour and all because he has a shit manager, the same manager who I had a few months back. Granted he is a shit, and he’s really hard to work for; constantly  putting you down, and he’s got into my friend’s head, this is just a job, there’s more to life than our job. If things don’t get done, they don’t get done; the country will not splinter more than it already is will it? We’ve got a clown in charge now, our country will be the fun country from this moment forward. The Fun police, previously in charge of fun prevention, will now be heading Fun enforcement. Anyone not having any will face the possibility of having their bits cut off. FACT.

The 3 hours in the sun I think may have altered my local health, my micro health which was ongoing at that moment in time. All of a suddenI felt odd, I experienced massive sweats, dripping down my forehead, stomach cramps and the shits, Gritty, I know, (not literally) but I struggle to spell diarrhoea (checked it out in the dictionary).

England were bowled out for 85 by Ireland at Lords, I felt sorry for myself for about 4 hours, went shopping for wine, cooked a bloody lovely meal for 2 or 3 or 4 people, drove all around the supermarkets to find some BBQ chicken skewers, which I did with little time left before it all kicked off.

I’m tired, and fucked off with teenage angst, which makes me angsty, I should be chilled, not having to listen to my daughter contradict me everything I say. And I feel alone in my perception of the situation. I sound like a teenager myself, “No one understands me”

I Know what I’ll do, I’ll right a book, and then once that is upright i’ll write a book.


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