Colour your World: Bluebell

Well hello Tourmaline and others, this week the colour is Bluebell and I couldn’t write for the prompt, so i’ve jumped the gun.

This is Hovis, he’s dead now; we sadly had to have him put down aged 15 1/2. He loved the woods behind our house, and I suspect he spent a full 10 years of his life at least once a day running through the undergrowth, brambles and bluebells, on his walks, with his friends Misty and Rags, Misty is still with us, but not Rags, bless her.

As soon as I saw the colour was bluebell this week, it was a no brainer about which photo to use. Mr Stinker (Hovis) needs representation and recognition for services to woodland dog activities; not dogging, that is a different beast altogether, and one which is probably covered elsewhere in far more (ahem) probing depth. Hovis and I mistakenly walked through a “Dogger’s” habitat once, we saw used condoms, scrunched up tissues and a pair of knickers in a tree, one day I’ll tell this tale, its a classic!



    • Absolutely, he was a superstar, we had him from 8 weeks! It was sad to see him go but the vets were amazing and sedated him in the car so we could all sad goodbye there. When he passed out I took him in and that was that. We scattered his ashes in the woods where he spent most of his time!!

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