Colour Your World: Blue-Green

Hey Tourmaline I’ve just realised why I may not get the traffic from this amazing challenge. It’s because you and the whole population of America and probably other countries (I haven’t checked) spell Colour incorrectly, there is a U in it, hiding there and until you lot pull your socks up then I’m not playing anymore, apart from today and next week, and maybe the one after that, but not after that unless I want to in which case its my affair….

So another brilliant challenge, basically look at the colour crayon which the amazing tourmaline tells us we have to use as a prompt and write, show a photo, whatever so long as its relevant to the colour.

This week it is Blue-Green… Lets see what I can come up with using the power of the smart telephonic telephoto device STTD which sounds like a doubly bad case of the clap.


Might I suggest music seekers check out the record label “The Dark Outside” he’s a genius. @darkoutside. These are called casette tapes just in case there’s anyone under 40 reading this.

Plus i’ve tagged it with the correct and the incorrect spelling, let’s see what happens.


  1. The way the picture is taken, I was wondering what VHS tapes those were. These tapes look HUGE!
    We, Americans love to make things easier (by dropping the “u” or encouraging people to get fat so they can ride a scooter at the store instead of having to walk around).

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  2. They’re just normal cassette tapes , not video ones, they’re not huge they’re just close up!! Dropping the U is lazy and promotes lack of mental excercise, the brain gets fat and expects an easy ride!! We’ve got the scooters now, i don’t like


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