FOWC: Layer



No holiday to a country with a language barrier is complete without several Layers of misunderstanding, yesterday was no exception. First off was thew paddle boarding, a pastime which I am still astonished I seem to be reasonably adept at, a wide surf board and a paddle and water is all that’s involved, I stand up on the board and paddle my way round the crystalline waters of the bay, out of the swimming zone, into the water activities zone, a zone I rarely enter, my usual jam is to be bobbing around at neck height in the warm sea watching out for seaweed and jellyfish, I talk a good game but am unnecessarily jumpy, a seal did appear in the bay about 12 years ago when I was last here, since then nothing.

After the hour was up, I collected by belongings, and paid the chief, he said it was 54 Turkish Lira per board, I said he told me it was 18 TL a few days before, turns out there were about 4 operatives all of differing rank, 1 in a uniform and neat hair, 2 in similar T-shirts, the brawn, the movers of boards and kayaks and the older, friendly guy, the one who the misunderstanding had been with. Everyone was looking to everyone else, a mexican standoff, no one quite sure what to do, we agreed that I would pay for just one board (54TL). But B is going to have to go down to the office and find out the actual price per board, then we’ll start again as if nothing has happened.

In the evening we had booked a table at a Turkish Meze restaurant; this was not realised until we arrived, ordered our drinks and were led, in order of importance, to the mere selection area. Myself “Mr D” (name shortened to protect identification), was assumed to be the Lord of the table and for one night I felt really special. B and D ordered the fillet steak and then upgraded to the “Tender” Fillet steak, assuming the lower grade to be awful fillet steak, and being shamed to spend an extra 10TL on the tender, you can afford it, you’re on holidays. Anyway, turns out the steak was just OK, not a patch on the trendy Bar we’ed visited days before. The bill came, we guessed how much and for once it was a pleasant surprise, well under the most conservative estimate.

I saw half of the Leicester game, but the Manchester United game is obviously a premier fixture and so the bars don’t seem prepared to pay the extra, until the British start to flock to the resort, Turkish football here is king, and make no mistake.



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