FOWC: Authority



the waterpark in the woods near Akayaka was pretty “retro” my daughter took one look and dismissed it out of hand. The dusty restaurant under the trees, the small group of water slides, to one end, about 6, the toilets, admittedly pretty grim with a movement operated light switch coming on for 3 seconds, leaving one floundering around in the dark for paper and flushing mechanism.

Clambering up the galvanised scaffold tower to the top of the slides gave a stunning views of this oasis amongst a vast forest, where apparently deer live and 4 small ponies scratch around amongst their own dung for grass to munch. These ponies formed part of an attached “zoo” amongst which other animals existed such as 2 pea-hens (the less colourful of the peacock family being brown and unremarkable) a cage containing a white rabbit and a bunch of shabby looking pecking birds, there may have been others but I was far to overcome with excitement to recall.

The waterpark seemed devoid of any overruling authority, the guards on top of the tower seemed to concentrate on policing 2 or 3 of the slides depending on where the queues were greatest. And where they did police, they ushered the revellers down one after another seemingly not worried about the gaps between sliders. Its a wonder people didn’t crash into each other, toddlers were sent down and a second or two later large Turks barrelled south. The largely unrecognisable guards identifiable only by their whistles permanently stuck in their mouths blowing for all they are worth. Seemingly not for warning but to say, “I’m here” like Indian Rickshaws which tend to do the same. People were running down the slides, throwing them selves down, leaping off 2 at a time tussling for position on the wider rainbow slide. Skimming across the water at the bottom like a stone coming to rest in a mountain of splash water. Its fair t say Health and Safety probably wasn’t the top of the list. Remarkably I saw no injuries, when they shut the slides down; one hour on, one hour off, folk would climb up the slides, climb up into the cauldron at the bottom of the penny drop slide. A truly wild place, full of sunshine and laughter, a potential accident on the cusp of not happening.



  1. Glad you are having fun. It reminds me of my childhood, we built our own contraptions with ropes around a ruined building an old mill – jumping into the river pools from high rocks and just being boys.
    Not a safety whistle in sight – except when an adult turned up and shouted that we’ll kill ourselves – spoil sport.
    We were in more danger from the old grump.

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