FOWC: Rectify



`I don’t know if any of you have been watching but there’s been some dodgy goings on this side (the side where we invented the Queen’s English) of the Atlantic. In case anyone is unaware, and lets not forget America has it’s issues, far too many to mention at this juncture, but in Breezy Blighty it seems our political system is being tested to its maximum. Stretched to past its elastic limit (the point at which a spring is stretched to beyond where it will return to its natural state), in short and pardon my manners, I would say from my point of view that our two party political system is fucked beyond repair.

The massive twat, Mr D Cameron, who didn’t put his cock in a pig’s mouth, and one time Prime minister of our little island, who, as a vanity project, asked the country if they wanted out of Europe or not, without any idea of what being out of Europe would look like financially and socially for our country. It was a yes or no vote, and as with any yes or no vote which doesn’t seem utterly preposterous would yield a pretty much 50-50 split of the votes. If he had asked if we should skin all new babies and roll them in salt then i’d expect pretty much everyone to say that No they wouldn’t want to do that. Of course there would be a couple of up for it odd folk, but most would decline, politely; we are British you know.

So now we are left with 1/2 the country who voted to leave and not really knowing what they voted for, and dare I say not voting for what is being proposed at the moment, that is leaving without a deal. Which feels like leaving a party where everyone has had a fab time. We’ve all made new friends, a couple of ladies or gentlemen caught your eye, you’ve got a few phone numbers although there were a few folk who irritated you and were mocking your dance moves; the future is looking non too shabby. The next day you wake up, and your domineering landlady has thrown all your clothes in the washing machine which had everyones phone numbers on scraps of paper and given you a bed bath rubbing the eyeliner pen names and numbers from your arms. On closer inspection she has left you a note telling you she’s booked you on a train to the airport and from there you will fly to an unspecified far away country, never to see any of last nights revellers again.

This is what a no deal is. We are completely at the whim of some sorry political wannabes, who don’t care if we stay in or leave Europe, they’ll make a shed load of cash either way and for them, the common folk do not matter. This Prime minister and his awful despicable cronies is playing a political game of cat and mouse, or chicken with the channel tunnel train moving ever closer to the victims tied to the tracks. He has fucked politics for good, the trust is gone and the days of 2 parties ruling the election polls are I think over, the whole system needs a massive overhaul to Rectify this mess, the 2 houses are out dated how can progressive politics happen with rules dating back however many hundreds of years.

God knows how or who can do this, but until the ruling politicians start to give a shit about the common people then I’m afraid things will never change and we will stumble from house party to house party, the door being shut in our faces until we get another face.

Or at least something like this.


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