Friday Fictioneers: Papua Yapia

Well, i’ve got to admit Rochelle this one has got me scratching my head. I’m assuming that Yapia is probably a Jewish word, but I may be wrong, to me it sounds Jewish and so I am probably absolutely wrong. Apologies if I upset anyone with this tale, I do not intend to, in fact I have no idea of really what the hell i’m going to write. Thanks also to Penny Gadd for the photo, nice.

Right the thinking cap, this evening, is placed at a jaunty angle atop my head, making me feel like a slightly cheeky cockney. Anyway best get on.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Jack’s candlestick jumping days ceased the day he dropped the telly on his feet to avoid being exposed for the vaulting mountebank he actually was. 

Appearance money had changed hands, not to mention the sell out Worldwide “Leap Year” tour; and now he was immobile, unable to showcase his springing savvy.

He needed to vanish and a new name.

At the Wewak passport office, weak and delirious with malaria he blurted out the first name that came to his mind; no one would expect another Mr Yapia; the 224th person, so called, the 1,094,419th  most popular surname in the world.

Well, there we are, not sure what to make of that really, the photo was a complete enigma to me, no clue. But its 100 words on the button, so I’ve done something right!



  1. I’m so disappointed in Jack. I’ve always seen him in my mind jumping over a candle stick. Now I learn he’s a fraud. I hope he’s able to hide as I think he’s probably suffered enough by being exposed. Oh the trauma of it all. Good story and well written, Shrawley. 😀 — Suzanne

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