FOWC: Reserve



This is the scene of the crime, a hitherto unknown and silent crime which happened to my car. To the lights in the bottom bit of the bumper (I think it’s called Fender, incorrectly, in America, but I could be wrong, so shoot me, which you can because you have the right to bare arms. Here in England we can wear t-shirts when ever we want)

My car has a camera to its rear which shows up in a super clear picture on my dashboard when I am reversing. The car I had before just made beeping sounds when I reversed which was good, but now with the rear facing camera I reserve the right to not even turn round when going backwards. But then this happens and a small crunch left me with a smashed light, or more than likely a reflector, the shards of plastic embedded into the sleepers forming the raised beds in N’s driveway. The raised beds were fine, no humans or animals were hurt in the incident, but the car has a hole where there used to be not a hole.

I don’t care because it is a company car, my company certainly couldn’t give a shit about me so I, in turn, do not give a shit about it. And with that I bid you all good day.


  1. In America, a fender is the frame installed over the wheels. A bumper is installed on front and rear of the vehicle to absorb the impact upon collision, minimizing the damage to main body. Just so you know and want to avoid being shot should you ever come here.

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