September 14th 2019


Wooooh oooh, the noises from a haunted forest. strange goings on have been occurring; since Hattie’s disappearance last week, she’s never been the same, it’s as though she wants to leave the walk, get it over and done as soon as possible, which isn’t dissimilar from many of the Ministry’s reactions some days. Rakes, two of them have been found in the 69 position leaning against a tree in the middle of fucking nowhere, no obvious reason why these rakes would be in this position, there’s nothing there or here its all a mystery; N suspects the supernatural.


There’s spots and daubing on the trees too, preparations for demonic pentanglic goings on I suspect, the wood are alive with the super natural and the necromancers.


In other woodland news N asked us what we were doing of work today, then timed us with his newly resurrected Chronograph, parts supplied for the in-tee-net and be damned the actual makers, what do they know? They told N to fuck off and buy a new watch when he tried to fix his old one, this is a typical response of any company today supplying technical goods,  buy a new one, put the old one in land fill. Makes me cross and helpless.


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