Colour Your World: Burnt Sienna

Potato, poatato, tomato, tomato, this whole colour, color issue is getting really confusing for me and my spell checker. But we will plough on regardless, against adversity. As this is my problem I don’t know why I’m mentioning this as I have to sort it out for myself, and try and beat it rather than see myself unravelling like a slippery knot of eels.

Thanks to Tourmaline, Queen of the miniature and Custodian of the Crayola. This weeks colour is Burnt Sienna, which in fairness was pretty close to last week’s Burnt Orange. I was accused of posting a red picture which I refute and will take to the most senior colour court in the land if I have to.

Anyway this was painted on a tree in the middle of my woods; marked for death, like in a Steven Seagull film, or something like that anyway.



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