Friday Fictioneers: One is not Amused.

Hello Rochelle thanks for waiting for me and I apologise for being late, the dog ate my homework, well done for keeping us on the straight and narrow, thus far, who knows what the future holds! Also thanks to J Hardy Carroll for the photo, I saw death in the photo. How odd, I’m looking forward to what other folk come up with.

So thinking caps on,

On My Marks…

Get Set…


David opened glazed blue eyes and looked up towards the light, a roof window, obscured safety glass and hanging kitchen implements. He smoothed his hair, and winced; not since the Bullingdon Club pig incident had his head been this sore. What the fuck had happened.

One leg was cuffed and chained to a throne; how sore his ankle was when he moved it,  blood smeared on the whitewashed cold stone floor. 

He remembered the press conference; an absolute disaster, so many demonstrators, so much vitriol. He groaned.

A TV sprung to life, a grotesque mannequin materialised,

“You’re my bitch now”

There we are, 100 words on the nose, and a departure for me, moving from the fairy tales to the world of politics and a certain Horror Franchise, the first one being excellent, the rest not so. See if you can guess which one!


  1. I know the one you’re talking about but haven’t watched it. This made me laugh “not since the Bullingdon Club pig incident had his head been this sore. What the fuck had happened.”


    • No! It relates to the “Saw” film franchise where an evil doer, kidnaps morally corrupt folk and leaves them in a perilous situation with only one way out. It’s grim, but I had fun doing it. British politics is pretty similar these days!!


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