Colour Your World: Cadet Blue

This week Colour (color) Your World, gives us Cadet Blue, which from where I’m standing is grey; the colour of a British winter, a pavement in a Sink estate, a pair of 1980’s Farah’s.

Where I am Autumn’s on the turn, the one pavement we have in our village is covered with leaf clippings from the hedge cutters, and I don’t own and never have owned a pair of Farah’s, if you must know I had a very cool pair of Spencers when I was at school. I digress. I must find a grey record.

Tourmaline you have kept this crayon rolling and I for one am extremely grateful to be playing a small part in this little corner of the internet, long may it continue!

If you haven’t heard this then maybe you should, its a belter.


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