Your Daily Word Prompt: Tonight


Tonight I’m going to have myself a real good time.

I’m sat in my holiday cottage in Eardisley, near Hergest Ridge (10 minutes away anyway). Waiting for my friends to arrive, waiting for some friends to arrive, waiting for someone’s friends to arrive. They are my friends and they are all getting here later, just late enough for me to keep my self sober, not peak too early and be in control as I’ve got to drive a car. So far all is well unless I can be drunk on flapjacks, I’ve had 6 since I arrived and they’re sitting in foil on the kitchen table, making a silent sound only I can hear.

“Eat me, Eat me.”

It’s deafening.

Please if you are in Eardisley, pop into the Tram and buy me and my mates some pints, we will of course be eternally grateful and reward you with a handshake and some jokes  of which you will never recover. So I’m sat here with my thoughts, with my blog and with coffee in a clear glass cafetiere, i’m not used to them, to seeing what i’m drinking, but then I suspect you don’t care.

Tomorrow we go on a big walk which may or may not be called “The Big Book” as we may be walking to Hay on Wye, the second hand book capital of the world. All the Big Walks have a name such as “The Big Canoedle”, “The Utter Kent” “The Big Bike” there’s a theme, see if you can spot it other than 4-6 fully grown late 40 year old men tramping through the countryside, hungry for steak and frothy ales.

Everyone should have friends with whom they can do this with, it should be compulsory, like national service used to be, and I’m not suggesting bringing that back, I did CCF when I was younger, I don’t like guns and that’s it.

So folks, there may not be many words written over the weekend but there may well be plenty of photos on the Sunday or there abouts, depends if the Antiques Roadshow is on; that has been the only constant through out my life aside from me being here and me being me, who of course I wasn’t in my twenties and early thirties, or maybe I was and I’m not me now, who knows?

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