FOWC: Milquetoast



I once discovered a musician from Ukraine called Milky Toad on the internet; in the kerfuffle to get hold of his tunes; to download them, I was redirected to a web site full of Cyrillic letters, which look familiar yet probably had sinister undertones. No, sinister is the wrong way to describe, I just figured it more sensible, as it was asking for my debit card number, to retreat back to an English worded web site in my pursuit of Milky Toad. I succeeded, in case you’re wondering, I’ve got loads of Milky Toad on my old iPod, which still sits in its docking station, next to my work computer bollocks. I still listen to him, good music doesn’t fade, it just drops down the playlist; but its there and doesn’t weigh anything, in mp3 form.

So what, might you ask, has this to do with the prompt? First off, I thought of Milky Toad, I’ve told you about him.

Secondly I thought of Milk Toast, which I think is white bread, with no crusts, for children, the manufacturer probably loads it with sugar and all sorts of addictive compounds to keep our custom into the future, after milk teeth, and onwards into adulthood. Conceived by bread making dentists to keep us coming back over and over, toothache after abscess after gum complaint, a monumental dental conspiracy. There should be a plaque over the front door of the head office.

Finally I thought i’d better look it up, and I have come to the conclusion that it is a word I would never use. I’m just not confident enough, I’m too meek, feeble, insipid and bland, spineless, unassertive, very timid, easily dominated or intimidated. I guess i’m just a milquetoast who’s afraid to ask for a raise.

Yours sincerely

Caspar Milquetoast.



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