Your Daily Word Prompt: Eminent


I have no idea where this photo came from and I hope you, the photographer, won’t mind me using it, lets face it i’m not making any money from this effort nor and I likely to, so I suggest you let me use it and I’ll drink a toast to you who ever you are, I live in Shrawley, come and say Hello.

Benny needed a hair cut, he hadn’t had one for donkeys years, and he was a dog so had no idea what that meant, but he’d heard Hattie mention it; she didn’t know, he’d ask Misty next walk she’s wise and can sit when she’s told too. Bewler, who isn’t from these parts, mentioned a hairdresser or “groomer” as our humans call them a most EMINENT chap within the grooming community, a groomer extraordinaire, with golden clippers and brushes of pure sloth hair, nice and stiff see, rips those nasty fleas away.

So he wonders in to the hairdressers, and pissed in the corner like he owned the place, he did for that short second until the groomer came over and pissed onto of it, he turned and looked at Benny, then farted. Benny sat down, bolt upright and looked at the walls adorned with photographs of dogs and their haircuts. Lassie; boring and self righteous, The Littlest Hobo; a dude and a loner like Clint Eastwood, Scooby Doo; a lunatic and a hoot to go butcher shop raiding with, Scrappy Doo; dick, Snorbitz; Boozer, he liked his Brandy, Pavlov’s Dogs; mind controlled, Laika; the first and only space-dog and bit of a hero.

Just then a song came on the radio, it was ELO, his Human liked ELO and had posters of Geoff Lynne on his wall and a t-shirt.

Later that day Benny went out and bought himself a denim jacket and some shades.


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