Colour Your World: Caribbean Green

Hello Tourmaline sorry I’m late and my canary photo homework didn’t reach you, the cockatoo ate it. This week i’ve safeguarded the photographs by using a digital format instead of photo paper and thus unless the parrot eats my phone then all should be well.

Raeding the words Caribbean Green earlier on today has left me with a Earworm of Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean, bouncing around my head all day, I hope I haven’t prompted anyone else to suffer this affliction.


This record is more Folkey-Dokey and at ten inches is slightly smaller than the traditional album but larger than the seven inch single, lets settle on the size of the shellac 78’s which our folks and grandparents used to play us. I’ve still got a complete set of Churchill’s speeches on 78, but alas nothing to play them on. Anyhow the Folkeyness of Seatman and Powell is juxtaposed with the Nostalgic Hauntronica of Belbury Poly.

Heres some excerpts, buy the record.


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