Friday Fictioneers: Vanishing Dumpty.

Evening, all followers of the Eminent Rochelle, I have tried and tried to write this little tale on the day of the publication of the phot, but once again I am and therefore have failed to get it done on time. Work, which someone pays me for , not enough mind, has once again got in the way, and I’m sat here on the sofa surrounded by hairy dogs and all I can do is sneeze through the stray hairs. Well done Ted Strutz for getting the grey matter fizzing, I’ll let you know what i’ve written further down the page! So thinking caps on.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Dungarees and Bow Tie sitting in a pool of Albumen with Egg fragments was all that was left following Mr Dumpty’s untimely fall from the wall, no heart, no eyes and no yolk.

Fat Detective Spratt smelt a Rat, adjusted his Hat and kicked the soporific Cat from where it Sat.

The search of HD’s House yielded some furniture Louse but no Mouse and a basket of sepia photographs, an Adoption Certificate and an address in White City, close to the Oval.

Triumphantly the Detective chimed to himself,

“This is over easy, but I do believe I’ve cracked it”

This week is bad pun week and in an effort to form a tenuous link to the Photos I ended up back with Humpty Dumpty, a rich seam to mine. Oh and its 100 words on the parson’s nose, so there you go!




  1. Great piece that made me wonder how dreams are dashed. Poor Humpty Dumpty, certainly no yolk trying to come out of his shell. He dreamed of being an Eagle or at least a Hawk on Wall Street to create a nest-egg. Then the crash!
    Loved the puns.


  2. Dear Shrawley,

    As my dear old dad was fond of saying, “A pun is the lowest form of pastry.” Your puns and rhymes were fun. Perhaps one day you should write about RePUNzel or PUNdora’s box. Although my information might be scrambled, nowhere in the original rhyme is it said that Mr. Dumpty was an egg. Who knows from where the idea was poached? On that note, I shall quit yolking around.


    Ro-shell 😉

    PS you can find my story here

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