October 16th 2019


Record sorting, Alphabetising, for the first time in many, many years, this photo is A-B, I’ve still got C-Z to do. I’m very much enjoying doing it, and will be listening to records I haven’t heard of for a long time and also records I didn’t even realise I had, we’ve all got some. Despite having plastic sheathing over all of my vinyl, thus keeping the covers in pristine condition, I seem to have really filthy fingers, i’m only 1/13th of the way in.

I’ve a large collection of records from a label called Ghost Box, here the alphabetising rules are different. The cover art is so unique and fabulous that I’m going to keep them together and file them under “G”. I told Mrs T this and she protested that I was ruining the system, however, no one else in my house cares or will probably ever care apart from my son A, who I shall indoctrinate and mould into my own image record collecting wise, and this he will understand.

I’m very tired.


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