FOTD: Oooh me Grapes & FOWC.

In a departure from the norm, I’m going to mix and try to fuse the visual art with the written word by twisting 2 of my fave prompters into one reply to their 2 separate prompts. The blogs are “Flower of the Day” and” This That and the Other” their respective  Ruler‘s being Cee and the Mysterious and enigmatic Mr (I hate to assume but, well, call me Sherlock) Fandango. So the following below is my effort, its not earth shatteringly brilliant, nor is it a car crash, it just is.

Hello all, I was interested too see that on the home page for FOTD you mention leaves and berries, the flowers of winter as they are commonly known, are seen to be acceptable. It seems that from this angle I am once again seen to be flouting the law, disobeying direct orders and generally causing a nuisance in this little corner of the internet.

Thus far my understanding has been the use of the letter F, originally standing for Flower, which I have kept to be sacred and pure. However maintaining this Status Quo I have taken the “F” to be substituted for “Fern of the Day”, “Foliage of the Day”, “Fungi of the Day” and today, a new one, “Fruit of the Day”


In this way I continue to try to be pedantic as possible and will research the letter F over the weekend to see what other naturally occurring objects I can find beginning with the letter. As I look down from my sick bed today I see my feet sticking out of the duvet gasping for cool air, maybe next week if all else fails, and if the fruit, the fungi, the flowers and the ferns and folliage all die, then maybe my Hobbit feet may well get an airing, lets face it sometimes they need one.

I’ve got to dash, such is my hectic and fascinating life as I have to pack the car, change the bedding, pick up the kids and head off to Chorley Wood through my haze of stuffy nose and nausea to visit friends with the finest wines and the most bounteous menu imaginable. So it is in my interests to get cracking and get convalescing, within the next hour otherwise it’ll be a 250 mile round trip incorporating the M25 which will be best forgotten.

Good bye all.



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