FOTD: Fly Agaric if you dare…

Today’s FOTD is a Fly Agaric Mushroom, it’s got hallucinogenic properties and I have in my misspent youth been known to try a few of these.

Firstly with a small rainbow trout which I caught in a tiny river in the middle of nowhere in a place called “The Hut” in Wales, those who know, know. We made a platter of Rainbow Trout, raw Fly Agaric and Thousand Island Dressing, but ended up so smashed on Rum I’m not too sure what happened. We knew how to live in those days.

Secondly with a dear now departed partner in crime at Uni, i’ll call him S, we found loads, shared quite a few around for those that wanted some, and were then both sick but had visions, could have been something to do with the the Addlestons Cider too.

S and I also ate a jar of ground nutmeg each in a pint of cider because someone told us it would give us a good trip; that made us both sick too, it was disgusting to eat a whole spice jar of the stuff, I will not be doing that again! I’m 47 for god’s sake.

Anyway here it is on Fungi Sunday;




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