Your Daily Word Prompt: Arcane

fullsizeoutput_1eceLike this amorphous “matter” on a log being arcane in itself there are also many things we don’t understand; we don’t know why they happen or why they are here. It is in our nature to speculate, and to try to understand. We might do this by taking statistics and manipulating them, ignoring some and over accentuating others, to give us a satisfactory result as to what we want to hear. The paranormal, the flatness of the earth or how hollow we believe the earth might be, the conspiracy theories concerning global terror, the illuminati, the moon landings, if Elvis is working in a chip shop in Cleethorpes, whatever floats your boat, or spins your coracle.

There are some things however which defy explanation, and mere mortals will struggle ever, never, to understand them. And for me, not understanding is the meaning of life and wonderment. I understand basic trigonometry but I don’t know why it does what it is, this is my God, and curiosity is my muse. Stay curious, read, avoid daytime television and reality TV. Listen to music and podcasts, try the Archers, open your eyes and listen, if needs be, get a hearing test and don’t shy away from asking for help from anyone for anything. Everyone and everything has a lesson we can learn from. You don’t have to like everything, anyone who does must be a suspect and must be cross examined or perceived with suspicion.

Long live the World, lets not fuck it up too quickly, it will fuck us up doubly as hard and will not care if the Ministryofshrawleywalks ceases to exist anymore.

I’m sure you will, good night, sermon over.

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