Friday Fictioneers: Peach Poo Product

Nightmare; I’ve now got loads of posts to write and I’ve got children pestering me; i’ve put my feet on their faces but they still won’t leave me alone, we’ve got a double birthday on Saturday, and FF requires attention. I’d like to say I was looking at the photo prompt on Wednesday morning, had an immediate idea, then forgot. Trips to various clubs and many meals later and i’m just about ready to roll Rochelle.

Thanks to Ronda Del Boccio for the thought provoker, I had a thought immediately, then it vanished, i’ll see what I can muster.

On my Marks…

Get Set…


Mr Van Winkle had woken up; 43 years this time, Tina had vanished, as had the cat; not a fucking note.

Nevermind; the sleep had done him good, he felt energised, glorious even, it was time to clean out the spice cupboard. He couldn’t remember what Tina looked like, then a nasal hallucination struck.

“Oh Christ!” he groaned.

The chef who promised much but provided little, no one cooks with olives in a jar; we’re not savages, and what was Powdered Mace for? It sounded like lavatory cleaner. 

So he mixed it with Peach Jelly and swilled it down the loo.

100 words, and 10 minutes to write; 10 words a minute, that’s the math(s).

Enjoy it folks, i tried and was drawn back to the nursery children’s characters, next week’ll be different, promise.


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    You certainly let ‘er Rip this week. Peachy story…or poopy story. Mr. Van Winkle was certainly a sleepy devil. You made me smile. I hope you didn’t really put your feet on your children’s faces.



    Liked by 1 person

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