November 7th 2019

With Birthdays on the horizon; both mine and my daughter if you must know, and if you wish to send gifts, pop them behind the mirrors underneath my kitchen window. Theres loads of space but you wouldn’t know as the gravel on the drive is reflected into infinity, so fill your boots Gift fairies.


And Boots I will be filing tomorrow, when I step out, in the latest in practical, comfortable fashion, only affordable to those who really think it’s important to wear comfortable welly boots, otherwise forget it, you’re wasting your money. I wear mine every day from August till April, A-the mother fucking A home boys, so therefore a pricey boot is justified. Leather insides, better than Neoprene, the lining I can’t get along with the ripping yarns I’ve told concerning the ripping neoprene inside. Many boots I’ve fallen out with, Le Chameau, not for want of trying, the inside was lush; the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever possessed, but then the rubber split and the bottom fell out of my world, I expected many many years of symbiotic relationship with my boots, I took them out and they looked after me, but not this time, I sent the boots back to the camel, they told me I hadn’t been looking after them correctly, I was 42, what did they expect, thats a child in welly years. Now however I have matured and after covering some Aigles for over a decade now, I possess a beautiful pair, brown, but birthday Brown and I shall wear them and it’ll be like I’m in a 5 star hotel for my feet. Thats what I reckon.


And here in lies the problem, my fingers ache, really ache, thank god apple now offers a speak and type service, I can speak into the laptop, it writes for me, and there the spontaneity dies, the words which tumble as if by magic one after another, without thinking, to form a coherent, to not, jumble of letters. N, master of spells, wizardry and homeopathy, as well as complementary medicine and supplementary natural booster spices, has suggested I try Turmeric. Well here goes N, and there goes the potential Arthritis, which I shall be having formally diagnosed on Monday at Great Witley Surgery, I’m not saying what time, there’s not enough parking to accommodate the crowds, remember the aspirin riots? The¬†anaphylactic aggravation of 2015? Like I say, I’d like my fans to stay away from the doctors, stalk me in the woods if you must.

As you may or may not know, Saturday is mine and my daughter’s birthdays, we share the same day, which you would be able to ascertain if you can read, and/or if you have been following me and reading and digesting my drivel every day of the last (nearly) 2 years, I don’t even think I’ve been doing that. I’ve got a factory like Andy Warhol’s here, my waifs and strays write the stuff, I sign it, and away we go, simple really. So on Saturday, we travel west, to the western lands; Cardiff specifically, to see the docks, the castle, the oldest record shop in the world and other stuff,I am not aware of yet as I haven’t got stuck into Trip advisor too much yet.

Night night, i’m weary.

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