Three Line Tales

sWell, this is a first for me and it must be written in the stars as today’s Three Line Tales features one of my favourite things; A Record Shop.

So here we go, enjoy and I hope I live up to scratch.

three line tales, week 197: vinyl albums in a record shop, bowie, the cure, fleetwood mac, joy division

Spillers Records, the oldest record shop in the world, allegedly, is in Cardiff, which is where I am going this evening. Leave my house alone thieves, I’ll be watching you from the bay.

Its mine and my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and what could be finer than rifling through record boxes, while my daughter gets lost in clothes hanger hell.

Topped off with a few pints of IPA, Happy Birthday to me!

I’m not sure if thats 3 lines; i’ve seen other examples and they run to 3 sentences, or 3 short paragraphs, that’s the standard i’ll be using!


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