Friday Fictioneers: The pencil is mightier than the sword.

Goodness me, is it that time again? I think so, I think so. Hello to Rochelle; keeper of the Friday Foictioneers and hello to Roger Bultot who provides us with this wonderful visual fodder to get our teeth into. I’m thinking this is a synagogue, and with my knowledge of such things I will have to get my thinking cap on, I imagine it will have something to do with the beautiful circular pattern in the middle, so without further ado…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


They’d heard wild crazy rumours about it, but never expected to find it.

In what must be the deserted town of Lorbrulgrud, capital of Brobdingrag the explorer found remains of a massacre; skulls as much as 20 feet jaw to cranium, swords as long as a train. All explosively scattered and cloaked in thick grey dust in this sheltered windless place. 

A miniature replica town stood in the square, buildings and cars left untouched for decades, and a glass lemon-curd jar full of enormous pencils down the road from what looked like an enormous pencil sharpener, next to a gigantic compass.

There we are 100 words, inspired in part on a famous account of the land of giants.




  1. A great archaeological find. We don’t know how the population of the Giants ended, perhaps a fight to mutual death. We do know they made model villages, wrote with pencils – perhaps they kept records. Or were they wiped out by a meteor explosion, the grey dust.They grew lemons, if only we could find some teeth then we could determine their diet and place of origin. Let’s name this lost civilisation Giantgantiumsorus and put their swords in museums and all that stuff.
    So what you’ve done, you’ve brought out the Indiana Jones in me , now where are the treasures?

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    • The country is the land of giants from Gulliver’s travels. They were a nation of fighters, loads of civil wars but I imagined peace descending and a nation of writers and artists living in harmony. However one final fight led them to extinction the grey dust is powdered carbon from pencil lead sharpening, but I like the idea of a meteor, classic extinction tool! Cheers for reading!

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  2. What a fabulous take on the prompt! I had to read up quick-quick on the whole Gulliver’s Travels as I am, ashamedly, ignorant of the tale… well, ignorant enough to not recognise the names…

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  3. I love it when you put that thinking cap on. It must have some magical properties 🙂 A fun read, making me think that I, too, should revisit Gulliver when the pile by my bedside diminishes. . . .if it ever does.


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