November 14th 2019

Well, folks, not too much content today, the weather was shocking and Worcestershire is under water, the local pub, not the one with the terrible landlord, was nearly under water again, the insurance company were round, 3 bedrooms wrecked just a week ago and the cellar full of awful Severn water. Beer still fine by the way. My pub in my kingdom, the kingdom of Shrawley, has received a 1/5 review from Trip advisor, due to the reviewer believing there was a tramp keeping him self warm and drunk next to the fire, stinking and publicly dribbling, turns out it was the landlord! Well, I can’t say I’m surprised really.

Waiting for logs from a new man, on N’s reccomondation, had to buy 3 net bags from the local expensive farm shop, it amazes me to think and believe that some people don’t have a log man or woman, and are quite contented to buy the bagged logs at a fiver a pop or there abouts, so I have been rationing them, 3 or 4 logs a night, oxygen turned right down, i’m producing charcoal here, but it slowly heats the burner and convects the fuck out of the lounge, note to myself would be to get some massive curtains for the massive windows to keep the heat in.


Also today, a nice surprise was the meat box, feel like I’ve won a meat raffle, which is a thing I am aware of but have no idea how one would work, I’ve got a massive box of beef, and I’ve got half a lamb, the kids don’t like red meat but the meat is from this village so i’m saving the planet, in my gluttony.


In other surprise news, Smiths Square Crisps are now produced by Walkers, its like some sort of Potato based monopoly, completely under the radar, well done C for your detective work, it won’t go unrewarded.

And another thing, with most of Worcestershire and Herefordshire under 6 feet of water the school closed at lunchtime and the kids came home in the bus, turns out its closed tomorrow, tomorrow is when we get, Mrs T gets her new car, an electric Tesla, and my daughter is angling for the position and location of the Tesla shop, and without actually saying so she spies a shopping trip. Tomorrow is not about shopping, just so you know., christ I hope she doesn’t read any of this rubbish. I’d like more people to read certain bits, possibly not this bit and with that in mind i’ve been trying to sell a piece about misadventure up Crib Goch to the papers, its funny and well written, i’ve been told so by normals, any idea how to pitch freelance articles to publications?

Answers on a postcard please.


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