FOWC & Your Daily Word Prompt


I had a lovely comment from someone today via the magic skullduggery of Twitter, it made me smile. Unlike the bloody weather eh? Jesus I spent most of the light part of the day freezing my nuts off on a building site in Hereford, walking round and drawing squares, that’s it folks, thats all you’re getting and don’t make me say anymore, its not worth it, and my business is none of your business aside from this rather badly paid business which I call blogging. I may dress in rags from the trash (using Americanisms to give our Transatlantic cousins  feelings of not being too left out).

Last night I worked at a local Christmas fair, in the car park of a very fancy Wedding venue, I mean it must be incredibly expensive, the buildings wonderfully sympathetically converted barns, the windows massive and the staff very up them selves. We were told not to let any cars drive on the grass, hence the need for parking attendants, only once did cars drive on the grass, it was when we weren’t concentrating, this showed me the reasons for discipline and rules, as if I didn’t know, but did demonstrate the need for attentive car park attendants at a Christmas fair.

I’m considering not watching “I’m a Celebrity etc etc” , this year, 4 episodes in and I’m bored of it, I either don’t know and or don’t care about some of the contestants/career stagnating/money fuelled self publicists. This puts me apart from the family although Mrs T didn’t seem too fussed this evening, my son was in the bath and my daughter was revising, so maybe we’ve all got a spot of Ant and Dec fatigue. I really can’t wait to get the new furniture, sitting in the music area next to my records without a view of the telly is enough to get me contemplating getting my self a pipe, and a smoking jacket, Dad’s got one, i’ll steal that, just to see if it suits!

Finally great news on the Demise of the Prince formerly known as Prince Andrew; he’s been told by his mum (The Queen) that he;’s to shut the fuck up, not say a word and not do anything. His response is to follow up his previous car crash of an interview with another interview to put things right which he got wrong the first time. I for one am  ecstatic at the prospect of a series of interviews stretching into the future each at more obscure locations as the Queen tries to lock down the Royal formerly known as Prince Andrew.

Can’t wait.


  1. OMG, that interview was atrocious. I kept watching, mesmerised by his bullshittery and wondering why the hell he was doing it. Poor Queenie, I feel for her. Trying to uphold a monarchy with useless baggage weighing her down. How she must eye-roll 🙂


  2. Yep indeed, they keep playing sound bites and small snippets all over the place, it was an open mouth watch, he’s just too honourable! I really don’t think I’ve seen anything like it, his bullshittery (nice by the way) knows no bounds, he’s clearly completely out of touch with any world the rest of us live in!


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