November 25th 2019.


Its been a while since I turned 48, and not a lot has changed in the interviening weeks and days. Guests have come and gone, fancy meals have been cooked and eaten using the lamb and beef, mostly the beef, from the farmers we know in the village. Not only is the carbon footprint of the beef lower, the Tesla is getting some pretty good milage too, proving to myself we are doing our bit for the environment. The weather happens to be god awful right now also, so i’m spending a lot of time at home pretending to work and catching up on tasks I probably should have started months and sometimes years ago. Work admin is so tedious, to the point of my realisation that for the most part it is entirely irrelevant, I’ve not got into any sort of trouble this far, and I see no issues going forward, long may it reign, not rain I need to get out side.

So tonight to cheer myself up after a successful, nay triumphant, DIY event I’ve been listening to @mulhollandrew and his musical interpretation of A Clockwork Orange, brooding, menacing, nasty and sinister, just what the doctor ordered and had the added benefit of forcing my daughter to wander upstairs back to her revision books, a look of puzzlement and disgust on her face as the tape played on. It’s definitely not Emily Sande’, but I like that.

Give it a listen, its on a label called Bibliotapes, cousin label of The Dark Outside, they do tapes, cassettes, imagine that and I’m no hipster.

This morning in the pissing rain, N couldn’t make it, shed season or something, don’t ask. Anyway we were a dog and a man down; 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen.C and Mrs T providing the glamour and Myself and M, the brawn. Rain was lashing down, it was going to be a complete clothes change when we got back home. The dogs were running wild and disappearing for moments when out from the bracken ambled a muntjac, crossing the path in front of us and off into the holly bushes. The dogs missed that but soon after a large deer, roe or red or fallow I guess bounded out from the trees just ahead, 20 feet in front of us. Brilliant, the dogs nowhere to be seen either, Hattie was no where to be seen for a while longer, that always happens when it rains. Its funny we never see N and a deer in the same area, he has the transformative metamorphotive properties of a shapeshifter. Tomorrow he’s back, there will be no deer.

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