Friday Fictioneers: Scooby-gone

Evening all, this weeks photo dropped and a fully formed idea came with it, I wanted to get it all down yesterday early doors, but technology was against me, after watching Leicester city beat Watford, the internet ceased to participate despite my keeness to do so. So, Rochelle, my good intentions were thwarted at the first hurdle, lets see how this little beauty has matured with age; it could be an absolute disaster.

Thank you for keeping us together and thank you to Fatima Fakier for the exciting nighttime shot.

Without further ado, i’d best get my writing breeches on and get cracking, so

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Scrappy had been incarcerated for crimes against cartoonery and so the mega-series died. Scooby was last seen wandering off into the desert on a wave of mescaline loaded Scooby-snacks; that was years ago.

Freddie had set up a cult proselytising Daphne and Thelma into the Shanghai of successful but drunk high rollers up and down the Vegas highways. 

The upgraded and extended “Meat Machine” had a concealed compartment where the victims were separated from their money, clothes and breath, bundled into a compacting mincer and pressed into Scooby snacks, remembering their absent friend, which Thelma sold at artisan farmers markets.


Thats it folks, 100 words on the nose, I wonder if anyone checks? Anyway enjoy it for what its worth…




  1. This explains the series of poor live action films that they’ve been trotting out the last few years… The cartoons are still great though. What did you make of the football on Amazon? Good to have so many games, but felt like I could have just as easily been watching it on Sky/BT/BBC, they just used a mixture of all the same people.


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