January 5th 2020

I’ve lost a follower. How dare they, I will hunt them down and force them to re-follow me all over again, to go through all the anguish of having this rot spewed up onto their laptop, phone or whatever device they use. This shit is serious, I will find you.


December was a fallow month, viewing figures dropped out of the skies, I guess people have other stuff to be getting on with, I certainly did and its not like you can trawl my site for a “best of” section, it’s all as bad or as good as the rest of it, depending on your viewpoint, on your point of reference. So this year is to be different, in ways you can not perceive, and so if you’re a fan of the cliffhanger or the thriller then keep on reading and you too could find your self on January 5th 2021, the world still on fire, at war again and be thinking what the hell happened here, nothing seems to have changed in the Ministry of Shrawley Walks, and you might be right.

Today I spent around 7 hours in the company of my folks in Leicestershire; firstly having a rather splendid Chowder and looking at the possibility of moving house, and secondly at the most antiquated investment company in the world. In the first instance them moving house seems like a long shot, but age is catching up with them and the seed planted to suggest maybe it may be symbiotic for them and us to live somewhere near eachother. From what I’ve seen over the years old age, whilst it might be a little fun, also has its drawbacks. I’m hoping to be there to aid the process. Secondly the deafness of Mum and the inability to hold a conversation of my Dad hinders the business at hand and so BAU seems to be conducted slowly and at higher volumes like a pissed Brit trying to make himself understood in Spain.

For the last part of the day, we spent an hour drinking tea and eating cakes whilst talking about various people we know/ knew who have passed away or have an illness of some sort. Thoroughly depressing. It must be awful for my folks.

And on that cheerful note, Good Night.


      • That’s were I am lacking. I can’t bear to look at my statistics page. It would be demoralising!

        I am amazed at how much I have enjoyed writing and creating posts. I am even more amazed at how much I have started to dabble in fiction. It’s something very new to me, and is completely down to other bloggers on WP. As I have read their work and received encouragement from them, it has motivated me to have a go at fiction. I am about to have my first book published. Bizarre development I never ever expected!

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