Fungi Sunday; New Species Discovered! (by us)


Imagine my excitement, not just mine but M and N too. C and J unfortunately could not make it but we named the mushroom in your honour: The Common Earthball. Which is an odd thing to cal it beings as we’ve never seen one like this before. Once we found one we found more and more seems these scleroderma are all over the place, common indeed. N tried to show us that you could pop these things like puff balls, spurting the spores out to colonise the wood, turns out you can’t.

I put it to you, N, that you sir, are a liar!

Initially the “in field” (wood) identification system told us this was the Leopard Earthball, imagine our excitement, but this was bogus data, and as I say its a new species (to us) and therefore a treat to behold.

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