January 7th 2020


Red sky this morning on the walk, possibly an omen of the peculiar dream I had.

My son was at a festival for kids all weekend, a live band and entertainment, apple juice in cartons for free and crisps, many crisps in bowls all over the place. The weather was really good, the kids had been there for 2 nights without adults and seemed to be ok. Which surprised me.

When I arrived to pick him up, I wasn’t allowed to immediately; before I had to endure an eating competition with one of the band members. We both had sandwiches, I’m sure his was a wholemeal seeded roll or something which looked pretty tasty, I had a couple of thick salty slices of white bread with a cow’s tongue filling, It was hanging out of the end of the sandwich. I nibbled politely, checked out my opponent who was also taking it easy, and then started top guzzle. Shit! I wolfed mine down stuffing it into my cheeks with my hands, and chewed myself dry my mouth sticking together like a doughy bakers mixing bowl.

Anyway, I won and immediately woke up bursting for the loo. What was that all about?

On ministry matters this morning we discussed which side of the bed (looking at the bed from the foot). Turns out that out of the 4 of us on the walk this morning, M, N and C all sleep on the right, I’m the only one on the left, what are the odds?

C told us she used to be on the left but then changed sides! What?! No one does that, but it turns out she changed rooms and the door changed position, she likes to be near the door to tend to the kids. Which is exactly why I am on the left;

a) to look after the kids

b) to protect Mrs T from intruders.

c) to be nearer to the toilet, as I am the main shareholder of that asset.

M had to think carefully about which side and  he likes to be further away from the door.

N has always been on the right and always will be.

So there we are an insight into what goes on.


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