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One of the many things which gratify me is buying records, another is recently buying tapes. However I do not especially like buying CDs, the reason being I don’t have a cd player aside from in my car which looks like a cow shed inside, so you can imagine my worry when a new cd has to be listened to, theres no where to store them safely, and theres dust all over the place, it’ll be a wonder if I don’t get fined by the “company” when I give them their car back after my 4 year car contract is over. There was a guy a few years ago who carried his sheep in the back of his VW Golf, the last car I saw like that was a landrover, from a farmer who carried sheep in the back of it too, he paid a fine.

So sad for me this year, is the abandonment of record and tape purchases except for extreme emergencies; obviously there are certain bands and record labels who need me as much as I need them and so allowances will be made, but I must not be swayed by the Twitterati, which is what usually happens. I’m sure if I looked at how much I have spent over the last 40 years the figure would be scary, so my way of avoiding this is to take a leaf out of my folks book and bury my head in the preverbal sands of time and only resurface when i’m far too scatty to remember that such a thing could be deemed important. I think I should probably sell my CDs, but I know i won’t, i’ve boxes of tapes at my folks house which are at least 35 years old, some maybe more.

“You never know when you may need them” is my motto.

I don’t trust people whose houses aren’t full of shit (not literal) what have they been doing all their life? Is everything invisible and disposable? A folder with title deeds to stars in the galaxy and their names is all that was left, congratulations you own a cluster of twinkle. My plan is to cause undue confusion as to what my surviving offspring will do with it all. My hope is they’ll remember me, hopefully the good bits.

Maybe I should buy a CD player.


    • Nah, the artists don’t get any money for all their hard work on streaming services. With every record or tape comes a download code so I’ve got the digital music on my 2 iPods (old school) and my iPhone! It’s coming out of my ears, literally as my earphones are shot too!!

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